Terms & Conditions

1. Insights gained from survey

To Inform Eskom / Industry where and how the power grid should development given known constraints and resources. Aggregated summaries of data to be sanitized – free of sensitive information – to support the development of the Transmission and Distribution Development Plans.

2. How do we plan to use the information?

Eskom plans to develop a GIS overview to better understand future constraints and development hotspots, allowing for an organized & prioritized execution of projects. Data insights will be shared with Eskom Transmission planners to prepare for improved access to the Transmission Grid.

The process will provide for better insights to enhance future Grid Capacity Connection Assessment (GCCA) updates. Possible EIA synergies are expected from the aggregation of this information.

3. Eskom’s Strategic and Dx Planning COE Confidentiality Pledge

Eskom’s core planning members through the Strategic Grid Planning team (C/o Ronald Marias) will have access to the raw data. Eskom treats access to customer and developer information seriously and will not share disaggregated data, outside the core team. Eskom’s core members are Professionally registered and abide by their institutions professional code of conduct.

4. Eskom Member Point of Contact

Ronald Marais: MaraisRo@eskom.co.za
Sanjian Malapermal: malapes@eskom.co.za
Caswell Ndlhovu: NdlhovC@eskom.co.za

5. Industry Association Members

1] SAWEA: Niveshen Govender niveshen@sawea.co.za / Santosh Sookgrim santosh@sawea.co.za / Declan Morkel declan@sawea.co.za
2] SAPVIA: Zayd Vawda zayd.vawda@wsp.com / De Wet Taljaard dewet@sapvia.co.za / Lineo Masopha lineo@sapvia.co.za

6. Method of Data Collection

Industry Association members will receive the survey link from their Industry Association representative, as nominated above.
Members will populate the online survey data at the following link.

Data will be consolidated, aggregated, and summarised, providing Eskom with valuable insights for Grid Expansion.

It is envisaged that a recurring process of data collections and updates will be triggered bi-annually to keep Eskom’s Strategic Grid Planning department abreast of changes that will affect grid expansion decisions.